Name: Yuko
Pedigree name: Stedinger Zingaro
Sexe: Male
Breeder: Wolfgang Woltemade
Country of birth: Germany
Date of birth: 19/06/2005
Father: Bacicche
Mother: Lucrezia
Owner: Dennis Versteeg
Titles: Dutch Champion, Bundessieger 2007, VDH Europasieger, International Champion, Belgium Champion, Bundessieger 2008

Yuko is a very gentle, sweet and social maremma. He's kind and enthousiastic for family, friends and kids. He's always likes to play but is also capable of enjoying him self.
Yuko is also very alert and gards his house and territory well. He's pretty good with other male dogs unless the other male is aggresive towards him. Furthermore he likes to be around people(especially his bosses) and offcourse he likes to play with our other dogs.

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